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Effects of compounds present in NAD ALI

Effects of compounds present in NAD ALI

Castor oil: castor oil is another herb which its effect on burn wounds needs examining. This herb is one-year plant in cold regions, and it is a bush in warm regions. Its main material is oil and its most important fatty acid is Tetramethrin acid which is a Hydroxy saturated fatty acid. This material is used as a laxative and eye drop. Because of its softening and healing effect, it is also used as softener and healer for Eczema wounds and psoriasis. Also antibiotic effect of castor oil is shown on some Gram- negative bacteria and Gram-positive bacteria such as Staphylococcus and Pseudomonas, which are the most common factors of infection in burn wounds. Castor oil and Tetramethrin acid have anti-inflammation and moisturizing features and they are full of fatty acids which can soften skin and enrich skin cells’ growth. It is beneficial for evening skin color and noncomedogenic,it means that its fat doesn’t close skin holes and it has anti-microbe quality by pushing back attacker pathogens (pathogenetic bacteria) and it includes Triglyceride and also hydrates skin and castor oil’s fatty acids remove pregnancy stretch marks and by producing Elastin and Collagen strengthens skin. Fatty acids of castor oil stimulate lymphatic system and it is useful for removing scar

Aloe vera

It has cooling effect and is good for removing throb and redness. Aloe verais the best natural way to exfoliate skin and it helps to lessen skin diseasesymbols. Using herbs is common in Iran since long time ago. For instance: Aloevera is known as a herb for curing burn and it is the first helping herb forfixing burn and wound. Aloe vera is one of the herbs which is usedtraditionally in most of countries such as Greece, China, Mexico, 1500 yearsbefore the birth of Christ. For many centuries it is consumed as a localmedicine for different illnesses and skin damages. This herb exists in Siricport located in (Hormozghan) Minab environs, Lenghe port and Khomeir port in aplace named Gas Castle. Aloe vera is from Liliaceae family and it is similar tocactus plant.It is a Herbaceousplant, with thick long and fleshy leaves. It is said that Egypt queens haveused Aloe vera in their beauty diets regularly. It is expressed in the Biblethat after Jesus was hung on cross, to relieve pain and cure wound, he usedAloe vera. Seemingly Alexander seized an island in India in 333years B.C mostlybecause of the need to cure his wound and his soldiers’. Until now 75 knowncombinations has found in Aloe vera, which include 20 minerals, 20 Amino acids,20 Vitamins and water. In laboratory experiments and the studies done on livingbeings it is found that Aloe vera controls Thromboxane (wound healingcontroller) and it causes development in healing and reducing inflammation.Polysaccharide derived from Aloe vera named Mannose 6-Phosphate made Epitheliumgrow rapidly. This material connects to Fibroblasts and duplicates them andfinally deposit Collagen and re-organizes the cell. This herb’s gel includesanti-inflammation material like Salicylic acid and Thromboxane controllerswhich prevent vascular contraction made by them and acts like Ibuprofen butwith a different mechanism. Hydrolysis Enzymes such as Carboxypeptidase andBrady Kinase present in Aloe vera improve pain and inflammation. MagnesiumLactate existing in gel prevents Histamine reaction which causes itching andskin irritation. Acemannan 1 material intensifies immune system activityCytokine synthesis. Additionally, it is recognized that Aloe vera is effectiveagainst various bacteria such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli,Salmonella, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Klebsiella pneumonia, Streptocococcuspyogenes, Staphylococcus aureus. Aloe vera is studied on gum inflammation,Diabetes, cancers, digestive disorders, decreasing blood lipids, blood sugar,Peptic ulcer disease, improving surgery cut and burn. Aloe vera is a herb whichis used as a local medicine for different disease and skin damages in differentcountries. Between the herbs prescribed by herbalists, Aloe vera is the onlyherb which is studied on three ways: laboratory, human, animal. And the totalresults show the positive effects of Aloe vera gel for curing wounds and burns.Studies show that most of herbalists has prescribed Aloe vera as a firstmedicine. On the other hand, using gel has no serious side effect. So this herbis safe for local usage.


One of the herbs which may be effective for burn is turmeric. Turmeric is amember of ginger family. Its plant is perennial and it is one to one and halfmeters. Its systemic leaves are without leafstalk and it has clear pod which iscomplete in top. Its flowers are complex and hyacinthine which are surroundedin two greenish yellow sheath. Swollen and yellow rhizomes with clear smell aredefinite symbols of this herb. Turmeric’s rhizomes have scientific name. Thisherb is native of east Asia and it grows in India, China, south of Taiwan,Japan, Indonesia and Africa. Turmeric is yellow pieces of 3 to 7 length and 1to 2 centimeters diameter which is used after drying and grinding. Turmeric hasspecial stand in traditional medicine of India, China, Japan and Africa. Thisherb is used for different purposes.

In west it is used as anti-flatulent and appetizing and in a study it was shown that turmeric protects mouse and duck’s liver against poisons such as Carbon tetrachloride, Paracetamol and Cyclophosphamide. Curcumin and its derivations which is present in turmeric has antioxidant effects against radiation. Turmeric drops are useful too. Anti-bacteria activity of turmeric’s alcoholic essence is shown against gram-positive bacteria in laboratory conditions. Also it is reported that this herb has anti-inflammation effects and stimulates immune system. Another usage of turmeric is repairing wounds. Turmeric’s curcumin helps in creating new veins and increasing collagen content and as a result it helps in repairing wound which in some studies is shown on mouse.


Another natural medicine which is used extensively is beeswax. Along thehistory honey has allocated a special stand for itself between traditionalmedicines in different countries. In the Holy Koran it is named as a healingdrug and a cure for pains and The Prophet Muhammad (peace be to him) advisedusing it.

Different regions’ honey has different dietary and healing benefits, butclinical and laboratory studies has proved common properties of honey. Honeyhas strong antiseptic effect, this property may be as a result of Osmoticeffect, low PH and acidic characteristic of honey. So honey can be used forsterilizing wounds. If honey is used locally on wounds it can produce Hydrogenperoxide which has antiseptic effect. Additionally, honey is a useful medicinein curing Rhinitis, cold, sore throat and cough. This property may be as aresult of thinning and expectorant effect. This healing item accelerates curingwound and it can prevent scar. Honey is advised for diabetes wounds, burns andother infected wounds. Honey can quicken curing wound by absorbing waterpresent in the swollen cells.

Sweet almond oil is useful for removing itching, dermatitis, healing burnand eczema and it is beneficial for curing scar andstretch marks.

Almond oil is a rich resource of vitamin E, protein and minerals.Lanolin: is full of fatty acids useful for skin and used as a wax is one of the most important basic oils for making and combining with various creams and ointments. This natural material prevents skin dryness and when humidity is low it keeps water in skin layers.

Isopropyl myristateThis product acts as askin fortifier and is used as moisturizing. It is an oil which decreases fat orfatty sensation in some ointments and creams, while it helps absorbing.

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