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Bilva Restorative Ointment: Treatment of Burns, Treatment of Bed Sores, Treatment of Diabetic Wounds and All Wounds

With its extraordinary effects, Bilva ointment prevents many debridement and graft surgeries that are performed on burn wounds, bed sores and other wounds, and prevents life and death. Completely removes the scar

محصولات یگانه اکسیر
محصولات یگانه اکسیر
محصولات یگانه اکسیر

Treat diabetic ulcers with Bilva ointment

Bilva ointment completely removes the infection from the affected area and completely repairs the area, causing the organ to return to its original state and removing the scar from the site.

Bilva ointment contains beeswax, castor oil, aloe vera and several other organic substances that in combination with each other have great effects on extracting the infection of the site and intensifying the blood supply to the damaged tissue and completely repairs and removes the scar. This ointment has a patent certificate and a manufacturing license from the Food and Drug Administration, an IRCT code, a code of ethics, and the approval of respected physicians. Completely repairs the damaged. In addition, the ointments available in the world, which are available for Oscars and restorations, of course with different powers and less than Bilva, have very high prices.

محصولات یگانه اکسیر

Treat burns with bilva

In hospital procedures, most burns usually require exfoliation or surgery, and in deeper and more extensive cases, grafts or skin grafts are required.

Bilva ointment, with its special processing, innovation and formulation and relying on medicinal plants, removes or exfoliates the desired position and by intensifying the blood supply to the tissue, it repairs the damaged tissue and skin and does not leave scars or burns.


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Treat bed sores with NADALI ointment

NADALI ointment removes necrotic tissue and bed sore infections, and after automatic and non-invasive debridement, it begins to heal and fill the area, completely repairing the wound until the scar remains, and most importantly, NADALI has properties. It is antimicrobial and antibacterial.

It goes without saying that non-invasive repair is especially important for elderly and disabled patients and children, which is why the use of NADALI ointment is so important in patients, especially in such cases.


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